Monday, March 28, 2011

Wanna Know a Secret? And A Giveaway!

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Wow, so I am sharing a lot of personal info on this blog. ;}  Here goes with some more purging of my soul! Winking smile 
So, onto this secret…this year I am turning 35!  Now I do not think that is old and actually like all the knowledge and experience that I have because of those 35 years.  However, it is certainly a time for me to sit back and reflect on where I am at in life.  Kind of like my last couple of posts on this blog were talking about wanting to take care of my skin before it is too late, I feel that way overall.  I am still young enough to make wonderful choices that will keep me healthy later in life.  One of these choices is to take care of my body as a whole. 
I have always been a very active person.  In my childhood being an athlete was everything to me (soccer, track, cross country, any sports really).  As a Mom of 3, student, caretaker to my 94 year old Grandma, Employee, etc it has been so easy to push off taking care of myself.  There is just too much else that I have let take priority.  I do totally know that if I do not take care of myself, then I wont be here to take care of the rest!  So, before it goes on any longer I am trying to reclaim my active and fit self. 
Another push to take care of myself, besides just turning 35?  I have a vacation planned to be on the beach in San Diego.  Those two events (vacation on the beach and turning 35) are things I am super excited about!  So, I want to be at my best for them. 
One major thing that I am doing is a fitness program.  I have had this program for awhile and have done it on and off.  However, I always go off because I feel like I can’t keep making time for it.  Well, not this year!  I am consistently working out every day of the week and have been doing so since December now!  I am also fitting in extra hikes and activities with my children!
Here’s a tip on working out consistently.  My program is an hour to an hour and a half a day.  I look at that amount and say I can’t find it.  My best friend told me something that has worked wonders for me.  She told me to just commit to half an hour a day.  I can tell myself that I will do half today and half tomorrow.  Now, 30 minutes a day I can totally find!  But the truth is, once I get to the 30 minutes I figure I am already there so I will finish it out.  There have been days that something comes up in the middle of working out and I deal with that instead (like picking up a sick child from school).  I still did something, so I am ok with not finishing out the program.
I am quite proud of myself for finding the time to take care of me.  I am also so excited for my vacation and for turning 35.  I want to be able to say that I am 35, here on the beach, and I have taken care of myself.  I have achieved my goals!  I wont stop once those events are over, either.  This is a change in my lifestyle to reclaim who I really am, who I used to be!
Anyone else on a journey like this?
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