Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home Goods Store Review

Disclosure Statement:  I was provided a gift card from BlogHer and Home Goods for this review!  We were to use it to find a great gift for someone.  Sounds easy peasy to me! 


I had never been to a Home Goods Store before, but have friends who love it!  I actually had to go back a second time because I could not make up my mind.  I loved the store.  It is always easy to win me over with those above products because I have a HUGE thing for maps and travel!  I have a huge map that I made in my front room.  We use it to map everywhere that we have been.  I want to have a travel corner and that globe and vase would be perfect.   But I moved on because this was not for me. ;(


OK Those blinged up products would be perfect for my daughter’s room that she just got to herself!  I’m still putting in final touches for it even…

IMG_6775This cute airplane would be perfect for my Son… or his Father!

IMG_6777Oh I have always wanted magazine holders like these.  That was two of those organizers.  Wouldn’t that help with organizing the kids schoolwork?  Oh yeah, this is not for me, not for me…

IMG_6778This picture so reminds me of a project that LollyChops did!  Reminds me that I still want to make one myself!


No surprise but I ended up in the yummy treat isles….a lot!  I mean peppermint bark!  Doesn’t that sound divine?  I am already going hot and heavy with my Christmas baking so I will have lots of fun goody plates to give to the important people in my life. 


So, yeah I ended up buying the treats.  I mean look at those adorable chocolate covered oreos with the BEA-U-T-FUL edible designs on them.  These treats will all be topping off all my goody plates!  That way I am sharing the love with everyone.


Even though I did receive a gift card to review this store, my honest opinion is that I love it!  There were some really neat finds.  I thought of a few gifts for everyone on my list from the cat, to my children, to my BFF!  Really fun gourmet food accessories, neat dishes, toys, decorations, and more!   The prices were really reasonable as well, which totally wins me over!

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